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I’m the host of the Write Your Own Story podcast I'm fascinated by people and our stories as we navigate through life trying to find our passions and fulfil our potential. This website is the hub for my podcast, blog and stories, here you will find books recommended by podcast guests and hopefully stories that will inspire you to write your own story in life.

I come from a high-performance background, where I competed as a swimmer & a pentathlete for over 10 years. I went to college & studied for a degree in finance, I have a masters in S&C, coached CrossFit and PT'd for 7 years, and I now work in the aircraft leasing industry. My own story is not linear, but it’s how I’ve gotten to where I am today. I love hearing about other people's careers and paths and I'm passionate about human performance and striving to be better. 

My curiosity around peoples' journeys  has led me to starting my own podcast called "Write Your Own Story". A podcast with no limits where I chat to people about their career & life paths, mental health, entrepreneurship, fitness and pretty much anything that has contributed to them writing their own story, with the aim to inspire others to learn and do the same.

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