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WYOS - The Fitness Manual

Over 80% of people fail a NY Resolution by February. Be one of the 8% who reach their goals. The Fitness Manual is built on 14+ years of coaching & high performance. Make exercise, health & fitness your lifestyle. Fill out the form to receive your download of the book. If you enjoy the book you can buy me a coffee or tip here.

Find your why

Most people that entered the gym told me their why was “to lose weight and tone up”. That was never their why. That was a goal. I dive into finding your why, your purpose for what you do.


Build Goals

It’s true that process is everything and showing up every day counts, this consistency and focusing on the process is what ultimately leads to results. In order to do that, I believe you also need a goal. The goal will extend from your why.


Build a Plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Your why and your goal should have a plan. A brief intro to a plan, a guide, not perfection!


Find Accountability

Accountability is one of the biggest drivers of success when it comes to health & fitness. This section explores 5 different ways you can find accountability.


Just Do It

The hardest part of running is putting on your shoes. You can have the perfect plan but you simply need to get out the door and do it. Overcome procrastination and get started.


Download The Manual

Check your email for download link.

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