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Coffee Chats

Coffee Chats is based on the "50 Coffees" concept. The concept is to meet 50+ different people for coffee and simply chat. The aim is to learn something from everyone. When I first read about it, it was used as a way to gain insight into what to do next in life. For me it's a natural progression from the podcast I had, "Write Your Own Story". I haven't had time for the podcast & editing, I really like writing and reading so selfishly Coffee Chats gives me an opportunity to meet great people for a cup of coffee, gain insight into their life, learn and share stories. 

I hope that I can convey their story in short blog posts that are of interest to others and that readers can learn along the way with me.


Coffee Chats is separate to my role @ Stripe. I may meet with Stripe users but it is purely part of this passion project.

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