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The Hardest Part is Putting On Your Shoes

"I didn't really feel like training today but I feel so good after that."

Said by, pretty much everyone who has ever exercised at some point in their life.

Exercise becomes a habit. Even for those who love it, there are days they don't feel like it but because that habit is ingrained they do it anyway. For those who have yet to build the habit, they give it a miss on those days. That sometimes leads to missing the next day. And the next. So, how can we get to work on those days we don't feel like it?

"The hardest part is putting on your shoes." I've heard it in some shape or form but most recently my coach Gavin Noble said it to me. I text him after one of my best run sessions. It was something like "Crazy day at work. Mentally very tired & didn't feel like it. But got out and felt great." His response "The hardest thing is putting on your shoes."

How can we get past the hardest part? How can we put on our shoes?

- Implement the "5 second rule" made famous by Mel Robbins.

- Have your shoes (or whatever you need) easily accessible. (Make it easy to build the habit)

The 5 second rule - In that moment, when you're questioning your training (or anything). You're creating all of the reasons not to do. Implement the 5 second rule. Count down from 5 and by the time you get to 1 you best be getting your shoes on.

The habit - Putting your shoes on has started the habit loop.

Whenever you don't feel like it. Remember, count down from 5 and put your shoes on. And get to work.


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