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Everyone has a plan until... #DailyTTweek1

I wanted to write a blog again, one that captures my week of training, work and a bit of life in genera with the odd restaurant recommendation. I’m unsure of the name, TechAthlete, Working Athlete, Working Triathlete are all pretty much taken so it's DailyTT (DailyTech&Tri) or TechAthlete for now. Hopefully it’s the content that counts! I'll post them on a Monday going forward, feel free to subscribe or unsubscribe if it's or isn't your thing!

Week 1 - Some thoughts, experiences and learnings

Never be complacent

You never want to get too far ahead of yourself or become complacent. Sales and sport have so many similarities. It’s really easy to get complacent with your target in sales. To think that you’ve got it all figured out and you’re on top of the world. The same way that in sport it’s easy to think you’re invincible.

One to two bad days of training can bring you back to reality. A niggle that throws you off course because you haven’t kept to your programme or routine. A bad week in work because you’ve gotten a little relaxed that suddenly has you a little behind.

“The tragedy of life is often not in our failure, but rather in our complacency; not in our doing too much, but rather in our doing too little; not in our living above our ability, but rather in our living below our capacities.”

There’s a difference between being in control and being complacent. In being confident in yourself, trusting your process and being in control of your actions in work and training. This is where I strive to be whilst always knowing that things can easily take a step back and go against you.

Being complacent is resting on your laurels thinking that you have it all figured out, suddenly you drop your baseline of effort. This drop in effort accumulates, you don’t notice it so much in the day to day but over a week, a few weeks and a month it will show.

Seeking heat

I went in search of heat this week to speed up some recovery and get some downtime. Unfortunately that didn't mean heading to Spain but to The Barrel Sauna in Rathgar. Great set up with some very hot Saunas (think around 95 degrees) and a few ice baths to balance it out. Highly recommend this place and thought it was worth a shout out.

Everyone has a plan until…

They get punched in the mouth. As Mike Tyson famously said in a pre fight interview. For me this was my Sunday run. I set out for a Half Marathon with the aim of running at IronMan 70.3 pace. Basically to run at a pace I want to try and run at in my IronMan 70.3 in May.

Well, I woke up, did my usual morning routine, coffee, mobility and getting in the mindset for a solo half marathon at a nice pace. For 18 and a bit kilometres it was going to plan. Then I had to change my route as the dart (train) was coming and it blocked off my route. As I changed my plan I went down a less than smooth road / footpath. One loose part of pavement and smack. My foot clipped the edge of a raised and out of place footpath. I went from all going according to plan to being punched in the mouth. Well, mores cut knees, cut hands, a sore wrist and a bruised ego.

Adapt and move on

These things happen. I got a taxi back to the end and cleaned myself up. Out for dinner that night, by the way check out Big Mikes in Blackrock, Dublin. It is quality!

Training and work continue. I’ll adapt my training for a couple of days as I need. Work is a new quarter and a new week. No resting on laurels. Evaluate and go again.

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