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How do you do anything?

How you do anything, is how you do everything.

I think that I procrastinate quite a bit. Sometimes it comes in useful because I perform well under pressure and tight deadlines, other times it can be detrimental. I’m working on it though.

Quick one: this isn't life advice. I hate when people on the internet say "you're doing x,y or z wrong, here's the right way". It's simply some learnings for me that I like to share and if you like them, I hope they help in some way :-)

Yesterday it hit me that it’s something I’ve improved on. it was getting close to lunch time and on Tuesdays that’s when I run. I come in early, start work early and get out for a nice lunch time run. It was getting closer to 12 yesterday and I was getting hungry. Colleagues were going up for lunch, it was Taco Tuesday (yes, Taco Tuesday, I know!), the sun was out and I thought “what if I just go and eat, have a nice walk and a bit of craic with everyone”. If I did that though, I would have to run and swim in the evening, I’d miss some evening plans around dinner and socialising.

There’s a 5second, maybe even 1second, window where your decision can lay the path for the rest of your day. It’s one that can also affect your mindset. Luckily I grabbed my bag and went for the run. The hardest part is putting on your shoes. It really is! Once they were on and I was out the door it felt like the first summer run and was glorious. It also gives me some headspace and helps me work better in the afternoon.

How you do anything is how you do everything - Peter Drucker

That same action and decision making is one that carries over into work. Maybe a few minutes on Twitter sounds appealing when there’s something else that should really take precedence. There’s always something that will seem more appealing and can deter you from the path you’re on or need to be on. Remember, how you do anything is how you do everything. Make decisions that will keep you on the right one and benefit your day. They compound over time.

It’s not to say you have to be regimented and can’t have fun. It’s moreso for the important things you know you need to be doing.

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