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The Rule of Thirds

When you're chasing a dream, you're meant to feel good a third of the time, okay a third of the time and crappy a third of the time. - Alexi Pappis, Rich Roll podcast.

I heard this quote from Alexi Pappis, an Olympian, Author and Filmaker. There's something quite comforting about it because we expect and want to feel good all of the time. In sport, the reality is that doesn't always happen. The same in work. Maybe the word crappy is a bit strong but we don't exactly feel our best all of the time.

When I decided to write this blog I had this grandiose idea of sharing how much I do. How I balance training, work, life and doing it all. To give you an idea of that, since September I have exercised / trained almost every day. The main reason is because I genuinely believe we should all exercise daily. It's the biggest benefit for our health and longevity [0]. The next is to prepare as best I can for my IronMan in August and IronMan 70.3 in May.

Last week, I was at peak fitness. Feeling really good for my upcoming IronMan 70.3. With Easter weekend incoming I had big plans for training. I'd do some race efforts, practice and start this coming week with a bang. A big focus for my Marbella IronMan prep.

They say luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Well, I suppose bad luck is when preparation meets the flu?

It knocked me out for 10+ days. The rule of thirds just took a new meaning. We've got very short term memories and it's easy to only think about how you feel in a given moment or the recent days. For me I could only think about the work that wasn't getting done both in my job and in my training plan.

In sales your level of activity dictates your success. Similar to how your volume of training dictates your performance. Sales, like sport, is all about confidence and you gain confidence from your output and performance. When you're experiencing that "crappy third" in the rule of thirds or when you're sick, you have to remind yourself of the work that you have put in. The amount of trianing sessions deposited in the bank.

This is why journalling, blogging or just simply writing things down can be helpful. It helps you to get out of your head, get away from any negativity, get some clarity and see the bigger picture.

Remember, when chasing a dream, it's ok not to feel good all of the time and in fact you'll quite often not.

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